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Natural White Calla Lily Flowers About 1 Meter High-P.ANT-601

Dimension (HxD): 100cm x 80cm | Pot Size: 17cm x 18cm.

Material: Nearly Natural (PVC Plastic), and Plastic Pot. Made it high-quality materials and vibrant colors.

Wholesales: ≥1 PCS, 105AED

Wholesales: ≥12 PCS, 97.65AED

Natural White Calla Lily Flowers About 1 Meter High-P.ANT-601



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Color: Green/White Package: 1 Piece Care: Wipe clean
Weight: 3kg SKU: P.ANT-601


Authenticity Guarantee 7 Days Return

Features & Uses

YATAI’s houseplant plant stays forever green and is an explosion of green. Lush and elegant green leaves. It is designed with a fine detailing to lend it a realistic look and is placed in a lovely pot to accentuate its attractive look.

Bring modern sensation combined with garden charm into your place. This plant will bring in a sense of calmness and peace to your house and will soothe your eyes every time you look at it. 

No Maintenance Required – With our artificial tree, never worry about watering or wilting leaves ever again. Effortless to manage, our artificial plants for decoration are maintenance free and will liven up your home, kitchen or bathroom. Looks full and fresh every day.

Artificial plants are beautiful for any decoration project or home decor. An ideal arrangement for home, office, hotels restaurants decoration, it's a repeat favorite of customers.

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    Perfect! Good quality but late delivery . . . .

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    Perfect! Good quality but late delivery . . . .

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