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20mm Rainbow Runway Artificial Grass Carpet Mat-G.Carpetnetwork-20

Dimension (L x W ) : 200 x 100 cm

Material: It is made of super-strong high-density polyethylene that's soft and lush, UV-proof, weather resistant, low-maintenance, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment.

Note: The size of 1 roll is 2 x 25 meters, We can customize any size that you need for you.

Wholesales: ≥2 PCS, 56.70AED

Wholesales: ≥51 PCS, 23.10AED

Wholesales: ≥201 PCS, 22.05AED

20mm Rainbow Runway Artificial Grass Carpet Mat-G.Carpetnetwork-20



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Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Purple Package: 2 Square Meters Type: Floor Grass Carpet
SKU: G.Carpetnetwork-20


Authenticity Guarantee 7 Days Return

Multi-Purpose Use: This grass carpet is designed for public places, school, playground areas, courtyards, gardens, kindergartens, backyards, exhibition hall, roofs, balconies, swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor use. Place it in the entryway of your home, living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly: It is soft and comfortable, no irritating odor. You can step on barefoot; it does not hurt your feet.

Easy Installation/Customized Size: We can customize any size that you need for you! YATAI Artificial Grass Carpet comes in a roll which is ready made in the size marked above. You only need to choose an area to put and roll out the grass and you are done! You can even cut the grass roll into your sizes to better accommodate your place. It is easy to install with normal carpet glue and easy to clean with water.

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    Perfect for my place... happy

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    Perfect for my place... happy

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